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I am Dr Michael Crawford

I am a very experienced Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon.  I have extensive experience helping patients lose weight through keyhole surgery since 2005. 

I offer ethical, patient focused, compassionate care and will discuss the best surgical option for you. 

Obesity surgery works through eating less mainly because it leads to a sustained decrease in appetite.

I perform Sleeve Gastrectomy, and both types of Gastric Bypass operations. 

I am happy to see patients who require revision surgery.

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Happy Family in Nature

While I perform other advanced laparoscopic and open surgery, obesity surgery is a large and important part of my practice.  I keep my skills tuned, and maintain a long-term healthy commitment to the 'doctor patient relationship' that I develop with my patients.  

I am motivated by seeing successful and sustainable weight loss in my patients.  It is not quite curing cancer, but it is up there.

I work with a fantastic team of Dietitians, Nurses and Anaesthetists.

Surgery is at The Mater Hospital (North Sydney), a Premier Private Hospital

My staff are friendly and helpful, give them a call now and see for yourself, or send an email and they will call you back.


Satisfaction levels are very high.


BMI >35 means you are likely to be eligible

How heavy should I be for weight loss surgery?

A BMI >40 alone, or a BMI >35 with a weight related health problem is a good indicator that you would benefit from weight loss surgery

Which Bariatric Operation is right for you?

Dr Crawford explains weight loss surgery and demonstrates a Gastric Sleeve Operation

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Gastric Sleeve
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Roux Y Bypass
Mini Bypass
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