While I perform other advanced laparoscopic and open surgery, obesity surgery is a large and important part of my practice.  I keep my skills tuned, and maintain a long-term healthy commitment to the 'doctor patient relationship' that I develop with my patients.  

I am motivated by seeing successful and sustainable weight loss in my patients.  It is not quite curing cancer, but it is up there.

I work with a fantastic team of Dietitians, Nurses and Anaesthetists.

My staff are friendly and helpful, give them a call now and see for yourself, or send an email and they will call you back.


Satisfaction levels are very high.


Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric Sleeve


I am Dr Michael Crawford.

I am a very experienced Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon.  I have helped hundreds of patients loose weight since 2005. 

I offer ethical, patient focused, compassionate care and will discuss the best surgical option for you. 

Obesity surgery works through eating less mainly because it leads to a sustained decrease in appetite.

I perform Sleeve Gastrectomy, and both types of Gastric Bypass operations. 

I am happy to see patients who require revision surgery.

Bariatric Surgery has many health benefits.  It can help control diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea and joint pain.  It can also assist with infertility, overall fitness and confidence.

If you haven't sustained healthy weight loss through diet and exercise, then weight loss surgery might be for you.

BMI stands for Body Mass Index

How heavy should I be for weight loss surgery?

A BMI >40 alone, or a BMI >35 with a weight related health problem is a good indicator that you would benefit from weight loss surgery

Dr Crawford explains weight loss surgery and demonstrates a Gastric Sleeve Operation

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Which Bariatric Operation is right for you?

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