How much does bariatric surgery cost?

Weight Loss Surgery is very affordable, particularly if you have Private Health Insurance at the right level.

The price for a Gastric Sleeve operation and Gastric Bypass with Dr Crawford is the same because cost should not influence a decision that should be a medical one. 


Dr Crawford keeps his fees low to enable as many people as possible to experience this life changing surgery.

You will be given a quote when you meet Dr Crawford that will include the Surgery Fee including Anaesthetics and Surgical Assistant, and follow-up with Dr Crawford forever.  Any Gap payment for your dietitian is included.

How do I know if I am covered for bariatric surgery?

You can check with your insurance company.  Give them these item numbers to check:

31575  Sleeve Gastrectomy

31572  Gastric Bypass

You can call or email us and we can explain how to check

Insured patients are typically 'out of pocket' $3200 for Bariatric Surgery. This includes all your consults with Dr Crawford and your Dietician, Surgeon and Anaesthetic fees, and all in hospital and subsequent visits.

No Hidden Fees

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Why is there a Gap Payment for Bariatric Surgery?

Your Insurance covers your hospital costs (apart from your excess) for your bed stay, operating theatre costs etc. 

Your insurance pays very little directly to your specialists (Surgeons and Anaesthetist). 

For instance, your Insurance generally contributes just a few hundred dollars to the Surgeon for a Sleeve Gastrectomy, Medicare contributes just over $700. Together, this is still insufficient for the costs involved in running a practice, training, insurance etc. This means there is a GAP (out of pocket) payment.

What if I am not covered for weight loss surgery?

The best financial option if you don't have insurance (or don't have the right level) is to purchase some.  There will need to be a 12 month wait. 

Some patients decide to use their own savings or superannuation to avoid this.

We are happy to talk to you about costs if you choose that pathway.  Costs are very competitive!

Please contact us and we can send you more detailed information.

Information about using superannuation can be found here

Which ever way you wish to proceed, the best first step will be an appointment with Dr Crawford. 
The consultation fee out of pocket cost will be deducted from your surgical fees once you proceed.

Dr Crawford does not offer finance plans or loans


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