Weight Loss Surgery

  • Achieve a healthier weight

  • The most effective weight loss solution

  • Improve Type 2 Diabetes

  • Experienced Sydney Surgeon

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Appointment for The Mater Clinic

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For Patients Insured and Covered for Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric Sleeve or Bypass Surgery

* Patients having first time gastric surgery

Two Sydney Locations:



Suite 1.17 Mater Clinic

25 Rocklands Rd

Wollstonecraft 2065

RPA Medical Centre

314/100 Carillon Ave

Newtown 2042

Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery is performed at:

The Mater Hospital, North Sydney

Bariatric Surgeon

Intro to bariaticsurgeon.online Dr Michael Crawford Weight Loss Surgery

Meet Dr Crawford

02 95654854


314/100 Carillon Ave

Newtown, Sydney


Suite 1.17 Mater Clinic

25 Rocklands Rd


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